INDATEL™ Changing of the Guard

INDATEL™ Changing of the Guard
Founding Officer Announces His Retirement


Max Huffman, a pillar for INDATEL and the independent telecommunications companies across the U.S., announced his plans to retire at the end of this year. Huffman became Chief Operating Officer (COO) of INDATEL Services in In May 2012, after he had previously retired from Bluebird Network.

“As a founding member of the original INDATELgroup and the organization’s first President of the Board of Directors, Huffman’s vision and passion have been big reasons for the success of INDATEL.” says current Board President, Corey Jensen. “His strong leadership helped guide the organization during its formation years assisting with the evolution of INDATELgroup to INDATEL Services or better known today as INDATEL.”

INDATELgroup, a derivative of Independent Alliances Telecom Group, was first established as a trade association to create awareness of and promote independent telecom companies and their offerings throughout rural America. In 2010, the organization started a services division. Huffman and INDATEL have always been synonymous. For a short period of time, Huffman oversaw operations for both the trade association and the services company until the members voted to dissolve the trade association and merge those functions into INDATEL Services, LLC in December 2013. Since then, INDATEL has experienced growth in memberships, service offerings and customers under Huffman’s direction.

“The future is bright. INDATEL has established a strong brand presence and enhanced relationships that will bring multi-state and multi-location sales opportunities to the member-owned, interconnected, robust fiber network. When we started INDATEL thirteen years ago, I would have never believed it would be possible for us to deliver advanced broadband service speeds from coast-to-coast at prices that are much lower than an equivalent TDM-based circuit speed. I am proud to be part of an organization of like-organized, like-minded companies that have come together for the betterment of the entire group.” comments Huffman. “Life is really all about relationships — God, family and the friends you make along the way. I consider it an honor to have so many friends in the industry, especially my INDATEL family and the customers we serve.”

“The fundamentals in which INDATEL was founded and prospered will not change.” states Jensen. “INDATEL will continue to follow the path set by Max and the Board of Directors to bring business opportunities to its members. We thank Max for his years of dedication, guidance and friendship.”

Upon retirement, Huffman plans to provide telecom consulting services when he isn’t traveling with his wife of 43 years or attending his grandchildren’s events.


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  • "Our connection to INDATEL Chicago is one of the several vital Internet links between our wholesale/enterprise/data center/telco ISP networks and the rest of the world.

    Russ Berg, Senior Director/WIN
  • "The ability to peer in Chicago INDATEL POP/Carrier Hotel has eceonomically improved how our network scales.  Being in Western Kansas, it is expensive to connect with Tier 1 providers.

    Justin McClung, Product Development Manager, Nex-Tech
  • "The ability to peer traffic in the Chicago INDATEL hub has improved how our network scales as we add on more customers.

    Thomas Beem, VP Sales and Marketing/Iowa Network Services