September 30, 2020

It is with excitement that INDATEL announces the recent addition of Marcus Yokley to our team as service delivery administrator. In this role, Marcus works with the service delivery team to help fulfill the Ethernet circuit and get them up and running. Marcus isn’t new to the telecom industry. In fact, he has over 10 years of experience in the industry prior to joining INDATEL.

Marcus graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Operational Behavior from Benedictine University. He then went on to work in the banking industry for 15 years, and from there he joined Inteliquent as an account manager where he worked for over 10 years. As far as his experience in the banking industry, Marcus explains that he has the same customer-driven mentality. “I would say customer service and the desire to help my customers are definitely skills I’ve carried with me,” he said.

Through a mutual connection at INDATEL, Marcus heard of the open position, and after a few interviews, was asked to join the team. According to Marcus, his previous job had about 250-300 employees, and at INDATEL he is part of a team made up of about 15 people. “When we meet as a team to brainstorm and come up with ideas, everyone cares about what each other has to say. You feel like you’re actually being heard,” he explained. “I really enjoy the camaraderie.”

When asked about what he loves most about working for INDATEL, Marcus explains that despite working remotely, he loves that the company is still so family oriented. “You can tell that everyone genuinely cares about each other,” he said. Although Marcus joined the INDATEL team as a remote employee, he says the transition hasn’t been challenging since he has had remote experience prior to this position.

In his free time, Marcus enjoys spending quality time with his wife, stepdaughter and their two dogs, Buddy and Bear. “My wife volunteers for a local church, so we do a lot of giving back to the community and volunteer work as a family,” he explained. Marcus and his family live a block away from a park, so they’ve been trying to make it a goal to get out and move during quarantine. Marcus also loves to travel and typically tries to take two trips a year with his family. “We love travelling to national parks and places we’ve never been before, so we hope to get back to doing that once it’s safer,” he explained.

Marcus is looking forward to bringing his customer service and telecom experience to INDATEL and is excited for what is to come.

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