Partners in Automation

Neustar Universal Order Connect streamlines and automates the buying and selling of wholesale connectivity services, including broadband, Ethernet, Fixed Wireless, and more. Reduce the time, errors, and delays caused by outdated, manual processes by automating and streamlining the entire quote-to-cash workflow.

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OLITE Solutions has multiple Salesforce-based productivity tools specifically designed to supercharge the INDATEL member/owners revenue capture capabilities:

  • Proposal Management Tool: automatically distribute and receive wholesale network pricing requests to 3rd party providers. Request quotes for multiple locations with a few clicks (not a few weeks).
  • Nexus Salesforce Connector platform: Install a mapping tool in Salesforce to enable a system administrator (not a developer) to configure the integration to Neustar’s UOC or Connected2Fiber’s platform. If you need Salesforce connectivity to another software solution – just ask! Set up an integration with your critical software partner systems in an afternoon (not an eon)
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