Connecting the World to Rural America.

Specializing in Carrier Ethernet Services


​Advanced Ethernet to grow your business and meet client demand. High-bandwidth connectivity across rural America that’s powerful, flexible, and cost effective. Discover your ideal Ethernet solution with INDATEL today.


Aligned with the best in class IP Transit providers bringing value to wholesale carriers, cloud service providers, and content delivery network operators though our national aggregation POPs. INDATEL’s IP Transit Service is scalable to fit your needs no matter how small or large.


INDATEL aggregates the demand from its customers to make delivery of content by Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers cost effective. We improve customer experience for access to content via the internet with direct dedicated connections at POPs.


INDATEL offers industry leading secure and private connectivity to meet the major cloud based partners ( i.e. Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, and Oracle). Secure Exchange Cloud creates a high performance environment with secure global service.

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Miles of Fiber

Serviceable Buildings

Rural Exchange Carriers

Nationwide POPs


“INDATEL serves as an important partner for Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), as their footprint now covers a significant portion of the United States. With over 100,000 miles of fiber optic network routes nationwide, INDATEL is enabling IFN with significant scope, scale, and synergy to monetize and expand our network.”

James L. Turner
IFN President/CEO.

“The power of INDATEL comes from its fiber connectivity to places most carriers won’t go. Many of the statewide networks making up INDATEL are owned by rural telecommunications providers reaching deep into the landscape of important but sometimes hard-to-reach populations. The INDATEL membership stitches them together.”

Mark Shlanta
CEO, SDN Communications

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