• 400,000+

    Miles of Fiber

  • 2,300,000+

    Serviceable Buildings

  • 700+

    Rural Exchange Carriers

  • 1,100+

    Nationwide PoPs

Connecting You

To Rural America

Connection to INDATEL is a connection to 700+ rural independent telecommunications providers.

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Who We Are


Our Vision


What We Do

Who We Are

​We are an ever-growing NATIONWIDE NETWORK dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via fiber-optic routes in rural and metropolitan areas. INDATEL is able to deliver reliable bandwidth solutions in rural and underserved markets.

Our Vision

The mission of INDATEL is to enhance our position as the premier nationwide facility-based Ethernet solutions provider offering superior connectivity from rural to urban America.


What We Do

INDATEL is a service provider offering a unique reach to areas where others cannot. Through REX, our Rural Ethernet Exchange, we deliver a means to Ethernet Connectivity via hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber deployed across America.


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