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Carriers rely on INDATEL to extend their reach into rural communities. INDATEL’s network spans 48 states and includes over 2,300,000 serviceable buildings. Our network is built on fiber and is diverse from major carriers. Although Ethernet is our flagship service, we also provide nationwide WAVE and DIA services. Meet us at any of our national aggregation PoP’s to reach over 700 unique broadband providers.

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Wholesale Enterprise

The Wholesale Enterprise model is an innovative approach to enhancing our member network reach while catering to enterprise accounts on a national scale. INDATEL will be working side by side with our member partners to provide EVPL, DIA, and Wave services to businesses across rural America. The combined power of INDATEL’s national scale and our superior member networks will provide best-in-class service for small to extra-large enterprise businesses.

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We are thrilled to add a significant expansion of our services serving Federal end users in the dynamic telecom space. This strategic move marks a milestone in our commitment to delivering top-tier telecommunications solutions to a broader customer base in the hardest to reach parts of rural America. Our entry into the Federal market segment aligns with our mission to provide reliable, high-speed connectivity, and innovative services to support the critical communication needs of various government agencies and departments.

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In a business environment where fast access to information and applications is paramount, fiber Internet service can have a huge impact on business performance. Never settle for subpar rural connectivity – use INDATEL’s fiber-rich solutions that help America’s largest companies bridge the digital divide.

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INDATEL combines our diverse nationwide reach with exceptional service to help agents serve more sites for their clients.  We partner with agents that are frustrated by lack of rural reach from the major carriers. INDATEL helps agents serve their clients with reliable high-speed fiber connectivity.

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