Supporting Critical Communication Needs of Government Agencies

Best-in-class solutions for local, state, and national government locations are provided with our nationwide member-owned network. We are proud to reach the previously underserved parts of rural America and provide the diverse solutions your customers need. From robust network infrastructure to cutting-edge communication technologies, INDATEL is well-prepared to support Federal end users in achieving their mission-critical objectives.

At INDATEL, our advanced fiber network is designed to meet your ever-evolving needs. We are here to help you expand your footprint, strengthen your services, and committed to solving every unique problem you face.

Your customers will receive superior service from quote to post-installation support by putting your trust in INDATEL Services.

At INDATEL, our advanced fiber network is designed to meet your ever-evolving needs. Whether you’re expanding your footprint or strengthening your services, we’re committed to helping you reach your Federal end users.

  • Ethernet
  • DIA
  • Wave
  • Dark Fiber
  • Transit
  • Peering
  • Cloud
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Why Work With Us?

Connecting You to Rural America

We are an ever-growing NATIONWIDE NETWORK dedicated to providing best-in-class, cost-effective transport connectivity via fiber-optic routes in rural metropolitan areas

Save Time, Money, and Hassle

We are dedicated to making your experience as simple as possible. When you work with INDATEL, you have one master service agreement and one billing contact – even for a national RFP – so that you can focus on the important things, like serving your customers

A Modern Experience with a Personal Touch

When you work with INDATEL, you work with a team of compassionate and dedicated team members who know your name. We provide a friendly, personal experience along with the modern automation and speed of communication that you need and expect from your network provider

We Created the Market

We broke the rules by creating a market for rural telecommunications. Our structure for rate cards and pricing is completely innovative and new. When it comes to rural Ethernet, INDATEL is doing things that nobody has done before

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