INDATEL offers carriers the opportunity to extend their reach into rural America.

  • Network in over 37 states
  • Over 2,300,000+ carrier-serviceable buildings
  • Over 400,000+ miles of fiber
  • The largest rural-focused carrier in America

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Dedicated Internet Access

An increasing popularity of SD-WAN and Edge computing’s demand has been answered by INDATEL with our Dedicated Internet Access service. You can trust your business is covered where others may fall short.

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WAVE Services

INDATEL WAVE services are an exceptional choice for transmitting large amounts of time-sensitive data. Our WAVE services use dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) technology that allows for multiple, private, high-capacity circuits to be delivered over a single pair of fiber. The most popular use cases for WAVE services are:

  • Accessing offsite storage
  • Performing real-time data replication
  • Disaster recovery
  • Video editing and transfer
  • Large file transfer
  • Low latency

Exclusive Member Services

INDATEL has aligned with the best-in-class IP Transit providers to bring high-quality service at affordable prices to carriers.

  • Scalable (500 MB to 100 GB)
  • Affordable – pre-negotiated rates with the biggest and best providers
  • IPv6 and IPv4 on the same connection (no extra charge)
  • Ability to grow with you

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