INDATEL Accelerates Revenue for iRis Networks featured image

INDATEL Accelerates Revenue for iRis Networks

Overland Park, KS – August 10, 2021 – INDATEL members excel in delivering reliable broadband connectivity via fiber optic network routes throughout rural and metropolitan communities across America. iRis Networks is one such member who has benefited from being part of the INDATEL family.

iRis Networks specializes in carrier ethernet from 100Mbps to 100Gbps, dark fiber, dedicated Internet access, SIP trunking, and wireless backhaul. Their fiber network spans over 5,000 miles, reaching Tennessee and the surrounding states of Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky. Their network stimulates regional economic development by connecting businesses and organizations regardless of size or location in the region.

According to Chris Clark, CEO of iRis Networks, iRis partners have their own networks and are experts in the markets they serve. They have deep relationships with their consumers, as well as their local business community. However, they want to serve the national chain locations beyond their footprints, including fast-food restaurants, drugstores, big-box retailers, and other large enterprises.

“They see iRis as the outside sales force that makes that possible,” Chris said. “In turn, iRis sees INDATEL as a part of our national strategy to make us more visible to the national carriers and the large MSPs that are selling directly to these national opportunities.” iRis has also seen a significant increase in revenue due to INDATEL’s marketing efforts and pricing strategies.

“The INDATEL partnership has been very helpful to us and has made our opportunities close quicker,” Chris said. “One of the things we find beneficial about working with INDATEL is the ability to share best practices and continue to represent our partner networks throughout the United States.” Additionally, as an INDATEL member, the iRis team has been able to better define their thoughts and strategy surrounding their efforts to be the outside sales force for the partner networks they represent.

Because iRis saw increased revenue in 2020, they want to continue to see enhanced growth in 2021 and beyond. They’re looking forward to working with INDATEL and see them as being a crucial part of their growth over the next several years.


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