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INDATEL Continues Relationship with 702 Communications

Overland Park, KS – December 8, 2020 – INDATEL is proud of its many member success stories over the years, including our long-time relationship with 702 Communications.

702 Communications is a locally owned and operated competitive local exchange carrier located in Moorhead, MN that provides retail services including business and residential phone service, internet access via DSL, DSX, OCX, and ethernet. 702 also provides wholesale services such as bandwidth, long distance, and fiber transport.

702 Communications is the INDATEL member for Minnesota and represents the Aurora fiber optic network. It’s important to note that this isn’t just 702’s infrastructure – it’s the infrastructure of dozens of telcos in Minnesota. 702 provides sales, marketing, and network support for INDATEL on behalf of all of those members.

According to Brian Crommett, CEO at 702 Communications, INDATEL is a vital component to 702’s mission to bring their end-users local connectivity. In fact, 702 has been a member of INDATEL since the very beginning. “When INDATEL was being founded, we realized they were a national extension of what we were already doing organically here in our community and in our state,” Brian explains. “Having access to the power of INDATEL’s contacts with nationwide entities, we are able to deliver local connectivity.”

702’s decision to become a member of INDATEL and the reason they continue to be a part of the INDATEL family truly boils down to what Brian describes as a “hometown feel on a national scale.” While there is vast network, there is no lack of focus on the house down the block or a small business that may need help. That is the power of INDATEL.

702 has a long history of cooperation. In the early days, they got all of the telcos in Minnesota together and realized if they could pull their resources, they would have a state-wide network. “Once you move out of your community and look at the bigger picture, you will start to see that there is a need for more regional and state-wide networks,” Brian said. “From there, you’ll realize that there is a need for nationwide support.”

When asked what sets INDATEL apart in the industry, Brian explained that INDATEL is much more responsive than some of the larger companies out there. As a Company who has a very customer-driven mindset, 702 appreciates that INDATEL cares about nurturing current relationships, as well as developing new ones. Brian also appreciates that you can reach the same representative every time. “When you know who you’re talking to on the other end of the phone, there is a sense of accountability that sometimes isn’t there when you’re calling a big call center,” Brian said. “That really adds value to a business relationship.”

As we near the end of the year, 702 has quite a few goals and objectives they’d like to bring with them into 2021. “We’re putting a lot of time and resources toward developing the Aurora fiber optic network brand,” Brian said. “And, we’re especially looking forward to working with INDATEL on nationwide projects as they come.”

INDATEL values their member relationships and have built an exceptional reputation in the industry for delivering ethernet, transit, peering and cloud services to rural America.


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