INDATEL Welcomes MTA Solutions: Expanding Connections Beyond Continental Borders

Overland Park, Kansas – INDATEL Services proudly announces a groundbreaking addition to its membership—Alaska technology and communications leader MTA. In a historic move, MTA becomes the first-ever fiber-optic provider to join INDATEL outside the continental United States.

Originating as a telephone co-op in 1953, MTA has evolved into one of the nation’s largest cooperatives and the largest Alaskan-owned telecommunications provider. Headquartered in Palmer, AK, MTA extends its services over 10,000 square miles, from Eagle River in the Anchorage Borough to Fairbanks and beyond. MTA boasts a Next Generation Network supporting over 30,000 Alaskan businesses and households, offering broadband, transport, voice, managed IT, and data center services. Known for commissioning the historic AlCan ONE project—the first all-terrestrial fiber network connecting Alaska to the contiguous United States—MTA is redefining secure and reliable connections.

Beyond laying connections in the ground, MTA is deeply committed to its community. With a focus on residential internet safety education and fostering careers in the fiber-optic space, MTA is actively involved in shaping the technological landscape of Alaska. Additionally, MTA hosts the largest e-sports tournament in Alaska through its MTA Gaming league. On the business and enterprise side, they engage in lunch and learn programs as well as local fiber-splicing initiatives; and with ongoing infrastructure projects set to unfold over the next 20 years, MTA is dedicated to meeting the evolving technological needs of its customers.

MTA’s decision to join INDATEL is rooted in a shared vision of partnership as the linchpin for success. By becoming an INDATEL member, MTA aims to extend its reach across the United States, collaborating with like-minded entities invested in bringing last-mile fiber services to rural communities.

MTA anticipates this membership will simplify and expedite solutions for its customers entering or connecting to Alaska. The partnership with INDATEL opens access to an established network of trusted partners across the nation.

INDATEL and MTA are enthusiastic about working closely together and recognize their shared values of community involvement and providing national solutions. The partnership between MTA and INDATEL will help expand INDATEL’s reach and provide all members with new expansion opportunities. Help us welcome MTA Solutions to our national network and celebrate this significant milestone for all members as we continue to shape the future of telecommunications.


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About Matanuska Telecom Association

Established in 1953 as a 100 percent Alaskan-owned and -operated telecom cooperative, MTA is Alaska’s best choice for technology and communications products. As a key player in the economy of Southcentral and Interior Alaska, MTA provides business technology solutions to empower member-owners and patrons to live a connected life. Today, MTA remains as one of the largest telecommunication co-ops in the United States and proudly employs more than 400 Alaskans. For more information, visit or connect with MTA on Facebook.