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INDATEL Welcomes Shiloh Vance as a Sales and Project Coordinator

July 30, 2020

It is with excitement that INDATEL announces the recent addition of Shiloh Vance to the team as a Sales and Project Coordinator. This position involves direct communication with all INDATEL members to act as a line of contact for quote requests, ensuring that client needs are being met, and fulfilling special projects. “My role also includes taking a look at potential partners and researching how they can fit into INDATEL’s mission and goals,” said Shiloh in a recent interview.

Shiloh’s education and previous work experience in the insurance and financial industries give her the perfect foundation for this role. “Shiloh will play an important part in assisting our team to communicate effectively with clients, stay organized on initiatives and projects, and research new prospects to help INDATEL expand its network,” says Riley Mueller, National Account Manager at INDATEL. “Shiloh’s work in organizing and researching will also directly support our leadership team to more effectively build relationships with partners.”

When asked about how her first month at INDATEL has gone, Shiloh’s first response was on the supportive and tight-knit culture. “In this short time period I have already experienced conversations and dynamics with colleagues that are hard to find at other companies,” Shiloh said. “There are opportunities and transparency in every conversation at INDATEL – and there’s something to be said for having a team that is always there to help.”

Shiloh is also excited that this role is a strong fit with her degree in Marketing from Pittsburg State University. “It’s great to use the degree I went to school for,” she explained. “INDATEL has given me a great opportunity with this position. I took a leap and it has really worked out for the best. It’s perfect for what I’m looking for in my career.”

In her free time, Shiloh enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her three dogs – two labs, and a German Shepherd. She is also a photographer, and has had the opportunity to host photoshoots locally to document special events for her friends and family. Additionally, Shiloh and her husband are amateur wine makers – they started growing grapes on their property, and now have 100 vines this season. “It’s fun to see ‘the fruits of our efforts’,” Shiloh laughed. “We love being outdoors, being involved in the wine making community, and producing wine that is becoming a favorite for family holidays and gatherings.”

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