INDATEL Broadens Reach of Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC)

Overland Park, KS – March 3, 2021 – INDATEL has been in partnership with Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) for a little over a year now, helping them to expand their reach and connect those in rural America.

MBC is a Virginia-based leader in creating unique public-private partnerships to build and operate open-access fiber networks. MBC has built nearly 2,000 route miles of fiber in Southern Virginia to bring competition and drive down costs to accelerate digital inclusiveness. MBC’s middle-mile fiber network provides affordable infrastructure and carrier-class broadband connectivity to drive economic growth.

According to Dave Keller, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at MBC, the company chose to become a member of INDATEL due to an existing connection. “We are a member of a consortium called LIT Networks that is also a member of INDATEL,” Dave explained. “I also previously worked for Valley Net, a company who has a lot of experience with the team at INDATEL, so I got to see the progress they made over the last five years in providing services and opportunities within our Virginia market. That was the main driver for us.”

When asked what sets INDATEL apart in the industry, Dave explained that he believes it’s INDATEL’s unique coverage and their ability to stitch together smaller independent networks like MBC in an effective manner. “I use the word ‘effective’ very concretely, as many times other consortiums aren’t as successful at stitching networks together,” he said. “INDATEL has done a really great job at doing so.”

MBC has grown quite extensively over the last five years in their relationships with carriers, as well as their relationship with INDATEL. The company has seen a significant change in broadband requirements through the pandemic and responded to that change by investing in more fiber infrastructure and supporting rural fiber broadband in their community.

As for the future, MBC is looking forward to broadening their reach even further using INDATEL’s Connect to Fiber platform. “We really feel that the marketing with INDATEL in a joint manner is going to be beneficial to both parties,” Dave said.


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