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Riley Mueller Promoted to Executive Director-Sales

Overland Park, KS – September 23, 2022 – INDATEL is excited to announce the promotion of Riley Mueller toExecutive Director-Sales. Mueller has been with the INDATEL team for almost 4 years and is proud to say she was team member #5. Her previous role was Account Manager where she was focused on sales and new logo acquisition for the team.

“I am in a position now where I can take customer feedback and directly execute.  I am looking to exceed customer expectations and help our team create an even better experience for them.” explained Mueller.  Furthermore, as part of her new roles and responsibilities she will oversee increasing revenue, helping with training, personal enablement, and professional development for INDATEL Account Managers.  Another area that will be a focus in 2023 for her in her role is formulating and building out a customer advocacy program.

Those that know Riley know that she sets her goals high for herself and her team.  She is looking to grow existing revenue and relationships with clients.  She would like to set up a program to commercially educate the client base and enhance partnerships through programming.  She is hoping to expand into new channels and educate new sets of prospects on the services of INDATEL.  Furthermore, she is looking to create a sales forecast and give her team the tools they need to grow and increase revenue as well. 

Mueller went on to further explain why she loves her role at INDATEL, “for me there has always been something special about the culture at INDATEL. It has been rewarding to see the growth we have been fortunate enough to obtain and that of customers and my teammates.”  She believes it is important to scale and help people find a career path with INDATEL.  She believes the sky is the limit and there is always room for growth.

One thing Mueller wanted to share about her career at the firm, “I am super excited. There are so many opportunities being thrown my way.  I am excited to dig in.”

On behalf of the INDATEL team, we congratulate Riley on her new role and look forward to her passion for growing INDATEL and supporting our team.


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