Twenty Years of Excellence: Eric Davis and the Evolution of INDATEL’s Engineering and Operations Teams featured image

Twenty Years of Excellence: Eric Davis and the Evolution of INDATEL’s Engineering and Operations Teams

In the dynamic landscape of telecommunications, where connectivity is not just a service but a lifeline for businesses, individuals like Eric Davis stand out as architects of success. As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of INDATEL, it’s fitting to shine a spotlight on Davis, the Vice President of Engineering & Operations, who has played a pivotal role at the company since 2014. This piece delves into how Davis’ leadership has steered INDATEL’s growth and explores the journey of the engineering and operations teams under his guidance.

The Start

In 2014, Davis embarked on a journey with INDATEL that would not only shape the trajectory of the company but also redefine how INDATEL members experience its services. Davis’ arrival marked the beginning of a transformation, as he took charge of both the engineering and operations teams, wearing multiple hats in the early years to navigate the complexities of a burgeoning powerhouse within the industry. These teams work towards customer excellence every day by overseeing and carrying out all aspects after the sale. From fulfillment work, including permit pulling, build paperwork, and material procurement, to customer satisfaction and IT support, Davis has built a team focused on going the extra mile for our members and customers.

The Foundation

Initially, the engineering and operations teams were a one-man team with Davis not only at the helm, but also in the trenches, providing a unique view and ability to lay a foundation that continues to serve INDATEL and its members. The foundation, which has allowed for exponential growth over the last few years, was built on collaboration and shared learning within the company and the team’s counterparts at members companies. “During the early years we witnessed a mutual exchange of expertise, laying the groundwork for a model where collaboration isn’t just encouraged; it’s essential for success for all parties,” said Davis.

Strategic Vision and Looking Ahead

“You get to a point in a startup when you see the potential,” said Davis. “You start looking at years head, baselining the quantity, and forecasting what’s coming.” Davis, in steering the INDATEL’s strategic vision over the years on the operations and engineering side, underscores a two-fold approach essential for staying at the forefront of the fiber optic industry. Firstly, the strategic identification and aggregation of Points of Presence (PoPs) serves as a cornerstone, ensuring a robust network infrastructure across the United States. This deliberate expansion, coupled with a keen eye on technological trends and bandwidth needs, allows INDATEL to not just meet but exceed the demands of our members and customers. Davis notes that capacity on existing infrastructure forecasting the need for new PoPs is intricately tied to the evolving requirements of INDATEL’s members and their customers.

The second prong focuses on building a dynamic and skilled internal team. Davis and INDATEL recognize that people are the driving force behind the company’s success. By fostering a culture of excellence and investing in training, Davis ensures that his teams are well-equipped to adapt and excel in their roles, creating an environment where each member can be the best version of themselves.

Architecture of Connectivity, Leader of Growth

As we reflect on the two decades of INDATEL’s journey, “Eric emerges not just as the Vice President of Engineering & Operations but as an architect of connectivity, a leader who has steered the ship through uncharted operational waters,” said Mel Wagner Jr., INDATEL CEO. The growth of the engineering and operations teams under his guidance is a testament to his strategic vision. As we look ahead, we see a future where collaboration, service excellence, and unwavering support continue to define INDATEL’s commitment to its members.