INDATEL Promotes Zach Cole to VP-Business Development-Federal: A Journey of Innovation and Excitement featured image

INDATEL Promotes Zach Cole to VP-Business Development-Federal: A Journey of Innovation and Excitement

Overland Park, KS – INDATEL Services, a pioneer in fiber infrastructure solutions, is delighted to announce the promotion of Zach Cole as the Vice President of Business Development-Federal. His journey from joining INDATEL’s Kansas member-owner, Kansas Fiber Network (KFN), to spearheading the Federal channel is a tale of innovation, excitement, and unwavering commitment.

A Journey of Discovery

Zach became acquainted with INDATEL Services a decade ago when he joined KFN. The partnership between INDATEL and KFN played a pivotal role in his decision to be part of this dynamic team. Having come from a national carrier background, he was initially concerned about losing a national presence when moving to KFN. However, discovering how INDATEL filled this role was not only encouraging but ultimately a driving force in his decision to join.

A fun and unique aspect of Zach’s journey was being the first remote employee for KFN in Kansas City. Spending the initial months working alongside the INDATEL Services team in their Lee’s Summit office provided him with a distinct experience and exposure to the broader national scope of the INDATEL network and objectives.

Seizing Opportunities in the Federal Space

Zach had a unique opportunity to work with a private infrastructure provider in the E-Rate sector for schools. Learning about INDATEL’s interest in expanding into the Federal space from Mel Wagner, whom Zach stayed in touch with, made joining the INDATEL team an exciting prospect. Here he is, ready to embark on a new chapter.

Excitement for the Future

In his new role as VP-Business Development-Federal, Zach is set to establish and grow a Federal Business channel that sells to the federal government, both indirectly and eventually directly. The experienced Business Development team, known for vendor supply-side management, will play a crucial role in automating procurement and fulfillment of access and connectivity options.

What excites Zach the most about this opportunity is the chance to build upon his 27 years of industry experience, leveraging strengths in strategy, teamwork, and problem-solving. The prospect of contributing to something new within an established company and witnessing INDATEL’s well-positioned success in the Federal space adds to the excitement.

Overcoming Challenges and Setting Goals

Acknowledging the challenge of teamwork and collaboration, Zach is determined to position INDATEL Services as the national provider of unique and diverse fiber infrastructure routes for the Federal government. The goal is to gain access to national Federal deals that individual member companies might not bid on independently.

The core philosophy of “Together Everyone Achieves More” (TEAM) guides Zach’s approach, with revenue attainment numbers and the aim to establish INDATEL Services as the go-to provider for wired communications and data infrastructure needs in the Federal space.

Proud to be Part of the INDATEL Team

Beyond the challenges and goals, Zach expresses his joy in simply being part of the INDATEL Services team. The work ethic of taking jobs seriously while not taking themselves too seriously resonates with him. The prospect of celebrating the first key and signature win in the Federal space is exciting, knowing that substantial groundwork has been and continues to be laid for long-term success.

Industry Passion and Trust: A Legacy

Reflecting on his 27 years in the industry, Zach emphasizes the tremendous joy he has experienced. Fiber infrastructure has expanded significantly, and the industry’s dynamic nature keeps him engaged. The legacy of his father, a Network Technician in the industry for 40 years, adds a personal touch, emphasizing the importance of trust and relationships.

INDATEL’s National Brand: A Source of Pride

Zach expresses his excitement for leading the charge in this new chapter at INDATEL Services, highlighting the company’s developed national brand within the industry. The opportunity to present this brand for Federal opportunities, considering the consolidation of options under a few providers, is thrilling. Anticipating the delivery of unique opportunities, he is confident that INDATEL Services and its community-focused members will continue to be proud contributors.

Join INDATEL Services in welcoming Zach Cole to this exciting role. Together, we look forward to a future filled with innovation, success, and a shared commitment to connectivity solutions nationwide.


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